TAG N4C Inserts (size 4)


TAG N-C Inserts are the first choice for the parting of bars, hard materials and tough applications. A positive rake, single cavity (except 7 & 12 mm with double cavity), negative land and shoulders, provides extra cutting-edge strength. Medium-to-high feeds.

Product CodeNameMaterialUoIStockPriceQty
IS6011388TAG N4C IC830EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
IS6003579TAG N4C IC808EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
IS6004431TAG N4C IC807EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
IS6095929TAG N4C IC5400EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
IS6003649TAG N4C IC20EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT