Fix-Perfect 90 Degree Aluminium Shell Mill


  • Excellent for milling aluminium and non-ferrous materials.

  • Good choice for thin wall or poorly fixtured workpieces.

  • 24° positive rake provides free cutting action.

  • Produces excellent finish and flatness.

  • Maximum speed is 2000 m/min.

  • All pockets are fixed pockets.
Product CodeNameMaterialUoIStockPriceQty
KE221082640A02RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE203377463A03RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE221082750A03RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE221082880A03RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE2210829100B04RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE2210830125B05RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
KE2210831160C06RP90BG15CMEACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT