127MM Bibielle Aluminium Oxide Fibre Discs


Bibielle Aluminium Oxide Fibre Discs for deburring, removing welding seams, rust, paint and oxidation of any kind. To be used on standard steel work surfaces and non ferrous materials. Available in grits 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 120.

Product CodeNameMaterialUoIStockPriceQty
BIFD1022FD CROCE 127x22 A 024EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1023FD CROCE 127x22 A 036EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1024FD CROCE 127x22 A 040EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1025FD CROCE 127x22 A 050EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1026FD CROCE 127x22 A 060EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1027FD CROCE 127x22 A 080EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT
BIFD1028FD CROCE 127x22 A 120EACH£ ex. VAT £ inc. VAT